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    Pre-Registration Event

    Some of The Sleuth will be hanging out at Embassy Bar/Embassy Hotel at 214 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane on Friday from 4-8pm.
    Come pickup your badge early (not merch) so you can get into the con quicker on Saturday morning. And hang out for a drink.
    There will be limited space here, so if you can't get in, we apologise.

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    As always, CrikeyConCTF will be running, with some fresh challenge creators, and the usual jerks who spend hours making challenges to help you learn, problem solve and tear your hair out.
    CrikeyConCTF is a beginner CTF, so if you have never played a CTF before, this is for you. Having a laptop is best way to play, and having some hacking tools that come with Kali Linux would be handy too.
    We'll have our usual HIGHEST QUALITY trophies for the teams that come 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 9th.
    And we'll have prizes courtesy of our wonderful sponsor DotSec, and the always supportive PentesterLab and OZHack. Prizes will be given out randomly throughout the CTF, so anyone and everyone playing can win.
    Some come along, learn some things, win some prizes, have a laugh, or.....perform the Nutbush dance (Coz this happens at other CTF's right?

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    Locksport Village

    Welcome to the CyberCX Locksport Village, where the art of unlocking mysteries meets the thrill of competition! Dive into a world of intrigue and challenge as you learn the secrets of locks and keys. Engage in friendly competitions, test your skills against fellow enthusiasts, and embark on a journey of discovery through the fascinating realm of locksport.

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    Physical Access Control Systems

    Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are a part of everyday life, you swipe a card and it lets you in, now you can have a poke and see what else is going on behind the scenes. We’ll have multiple PACS systems configured and ready for you to try, learn, and explore.

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    Evolution of Espionage Display

    This workshop leverages genuine KGB / Stasi / CIA vintage espionage equipment. Since spycraft gear is often custom-made, secret and then destroyed at end of life, these are rare survivors.
    Laid out in an evolutionary timeline these items illustrate the evolution of spycraft from analog, through the transistorised Cold War, and into the birth of computing and cyber. This includes both 1-off or very limited run custom items, as well as adaptive re-use of commercial products.
    On the hour there will be a 20 minute guided tour of the artefacts, plus plenty of opportunity for Q&A. Some of the items have been restored to a fully operable condition so there is opportunity for hands-on interactivity.

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    Hack a Bomb

    Welcome to Hack a Bomb, the ultimate fast-paced computer hacking challenge! In this thrilling game, players have just 15 minutes to infiltrate the evil Dark Horizon network and recover the code to defuse the ticking bomb. With its intense gameplay and realistic hacking simulations, Hack a Bomb is the perfect game for those who love a challenge and thrive under pressure. Hack a Bomb offers a unique and exciting experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So gather your team, sharpen your skills, and get ready to take on the evil Dark Horizon. Good luck!

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    Car Hacking

    Cars. Drones/UAVs. Submarines. Satellites…. The interest levels in hacking things that move is rising. This year at CrikeyCon we'll bring back last year's Porsche 911 instrument cluster (but in a slightly different setup) for your CAN bus hackery, along with the original data source. And maybe something that flies...
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    Accessibility Badges

    TinkerInk will be back in attendance with their badge press helping you make a custom pins, with your own design or some of the cool ones available.
    TinkerInk brings you this free service in a hope for a world with more kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

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    Crikey Connect

    New to the Cyber Security industry? Perhaps you are a career changer or Graduate looking for your first opportunity? Pop into Crikey Connect and have a casual chat with Cyber Security Professionals who’ve been through this transition or hit up an experienced Cyber Security Recruiter who might offer advice on the way forward. Which direction is right for you? What’s happening in the industry? Pop over to the Crikey Connect Corner for an informative but casual chat with one of the crew at any time. Grab a beer or soft drink; sit back on a beanbag and chat about opportunities in the industry. Crikey Connect is an initiative run in collaboration with The Decipher Bureau – All welcome.

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    Sticker Swap

    We'll have a couple of tables setup, so folks can leave, and pickup some fresh stickers for their hacking rigs

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    Our long time supporter OzHack will be in attendance selling some of their cool hacking warez.

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    Quiet Room

    Is all the hacking craziness a little too much, or you just want to chill out in a quiet space for a bit. We'll have a room available for folks to chill out in a bean bag, have a rest and have some quiet time.