Pre-Registration Event
"There is a Pre-Registration event at Embassy Bar & Kitchen, in the city from 4pm on Friday. So come along, say hi, and pickup your badge early - that should help move the crowd through on Saturday morning! (Please be aware there is limited space at the venue, so if you can't get in, apologies)"


Back once again like a CTFmaster!

CrikeyCon CTF is a beginner CTF, with heaps of challenges for players of all skill levels. If you've never played a CTF before, or are just getting started in infosec, this is the CTF for you. But ontop of all the beginner challenges, we always have challenges for those 1337 hackers too. (Hi Menz!)

Categories Include

  • • Hacker 101
  • • Web
  • • Misc
  • • Pwn
  • • Trivia
  • • Crypto
  • • Fun
  • • The Nutbush Dance
  • • Plus More (probably)


As always we have prizes to be given out randomly to all players throughout the day, courtesy of:
- DotSec Security
- PentesterLab
And our usual "crap" trophies for the 1337est of 1337 1337lters.
So bring along your laptop, or borrow 1 of our loaner laptops, and get submitting those flags.
Still not convinced, check out some reviews of previous CrikeyCon CTFs


"Yeah it's OK I suppose" ★ ★ ★
- Some person from a previous CrikeyCon
"I never knew there was a CTF" ★
- Another person from a previous CrikeyCon
"Urgh...those guys" ★ ★
- CrikeyCon Organizer
"What's a CTF"
- Some random person we stopped on the street

Crikey connecT

Crikey Connect
New to the Cyber Security industry? Perhaps you are a career changer or Graduate looking for your first opportunity?
Pop over to the Crikey Connect Corner and have a casual chat with Cyber Security Professionals who've been through this transition or hit up an experienced Cyber Security Recruiter who might offer advice on the way forward. Which direction is right for you? What's happening in the industry? Pop over to the Crikey Connect Corner for an informative but casual chat with one of the crew at any time. Grab a beer or soft drink; sit back on a beanbag and chat about opportunities in the industry.
Crikey Connect is an initiative run in collaboration with The Decipher Bureau.
All welcome.


Have you ever dreamed of stealing books from your lockermate? Ever dreamed of being superior to a lockable door or journal?
Now is your chance to make your dreams come true!
The lockpicking table is the place to be if you want to mix science, art, and security!

Accessibility badgeS

Accessibility badges by TinkerInk
Pride, pronouns, disability inclusion… TinkerInk has once again provided their badge press.
Drop by to Kristine where they will press your preferred badges on the spot.
Want a design Kristine hasn't got printed? Draw your own!
TinkerInk brings you this free service in a hope for a world with more kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Car hackinG

Car Hacking
Cars. Drones/UAVs. Submarines. Planes. Sharks with lasers. The interest levels in hacking things that move is rising. Autohackers has been formed to meet this challenge. This year at CrikeyCon we're starting with some basics - understanding the automotive CAN bus, with a capture from a vehicle and an instrument cluster from the same, to `replay` the drive. See and learn the CAN interactions using can-utils on a RPi+PICAN3 and see if you can make the instrument cluster dance to your tune. Brought to you by