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Start Title Presenter Location
8:00 The doors are open The Doors
8:45 Welcome to CrikeyCon VIII The Sleuth Hall A
9:00 Hiding malware in Docker
Mangopdf Hall A
9:45 Applying First Nations Philosophy to Cyber Security Strategies
Jas Hall A
9:45 CTF Starts The Sleuth CTF Lair
10:30 Break
11:00 Paper Cuts - Stop the Bleed
Kristine S Hall A
11:30 The team with 30 million
lady_nerd Hall A
12:00 Outflanking TCC
psychsecurity Hall A
12:30 Lunch! Food Food Food
13:30 Doin it for the kids
JP and Cam Hall A
14:00 Inside the Persistent Mind of a Chinese APT
Inversecos Hall A
14:40 How to Hack a Hospital
G-lock Hall A
15:10 Mental Health Threat Modeling
Gyle Hall A
15:55 Afternoon Break
16:25 GRC Secrets - Use a Walkie-Talkie to look good
Allen Hall A
16:55 Hacking Rental e-Scooters - Real World Examples
Jamie D Hall A
17:00 CTF Ends The Sleuth CTF Lair
17:25 Bypassing Google Safe Browsing to host persistent phishing websites
Rices Hall A
17:55 Woo! We did it. The Sleuth Hall A
18:25 'Notworking' social near the venue!